My 2017 word of the year

Love.  In fact, I began my year of Love (I loke to capitalize mine so as not to limit it to romantic love) roughly two months ago.  My mother's legacy was Love.  And so much of what we're seeing int the world shows us that so many are feeling unLoved.  And, since I'm an avid Gretchen Rubin fan, I was made aware of this idea to pick a one-word theme a few weeks ago, which clinched the idea.

To clarify, here is a brief, incomplete list of all the ways we can express Love: holding the door open for someone, donating time or money to a cause special to you or someone else, engaging with a child, complimenting a stranger, having a hard conversation, checking in with what you yourself need, writing a letter, asking how you can help (and following through), cooking a meal, standing up for someone, tidying up a space, forgiving someone unconditionally, sharing a forgotten memory, writing in a journal, sharing a smile, etc.

Pick one. Pick ten. Do something Loving today.