There is a woman who just started working here.  She has a very unusual name.  Or so I thought.  I went to email her, and it turns out there is another woman who also works here with the same exact name.  It spelled slightly differently.

People like to argue about books and movies.  Which was better: the book or the movie?  Almost always, people say the book was better.  Almost always, people say to read the book before you see the film.  I have some alternate thoughts.  First, comparing books to films is like comparing apples to oranges.  They have similarities, but ultimately, they are different.  But I tend to find, my favorite film adaptations come from slimmer novles (Coraline, Drive) than longer ones.  I also disagree with the idea that you should read the book first.  Especially if you usually find the book superior.  Why invest a dozen or so hours in a story when you could invest just 2?  What if you don’t like the story?  If you do like it, you can then invest the dozen hours reading the book.  Most people find the book more satisfying anyways.  By doing it this way, you save yourself hours on stories that you don’t find compelling, and you are saved the disappointment of a film that “doesn’t” live up the book.

I have an interview tomorrow.  I don’t know what to think.  I had a dream last night that my interview took place like American Idol.  “Rachel is detail-oriented and flexible, but will that be enough to get her to the final round?”  Tonight will be spent holed up in the library with my lesson, a notebook and a job hunting book.  We’ll see where this gets me.


an open letter

I feel compelled to fill you in on something.  You mentioned that some family members are anxious for us to start having kids.  We’re excited too, but the truth is, it’s very unlikely that I’m able to have kids.  I don’t have a medical diagnosis for a number of reasons, but I am looking into getting MN Care so I can find out more.  Because of my unlikelihood of conceiving, it makes money even more an issue.  Seeing as Sean and I continue to make less every year than we have the year before, the cost becomes less and less attainable.

This information isn’t a secret, but it’s very difficult to talk about.  Not only is it personal, but it makes me unbearably sad.  I really hope we’ll be parents some day.  We still frequently talk about baby names and day care options.  Realistically however, it will probably be many years before we’re able to overcome these issues.

I apologize for not being more forthright with you, but like I said, it’s very difficult for me to talk about.

I love you very much, and so appreciate all the support and love you have given us.


time for an update

Where to begin?

I have read a crazy amount of books so far this year.  24 to be exact.  That is roughly half of my goal for the year.  Why so many?  Because I do next to nothing at my job.  I answer, on average, between 10-15 calls a day.  That leaves a lot of time on one's hands.  So I've been reading between 3-5 books a week.  This means I've been making a good pace towards getting my 80 library requests down to 30.  In fact, if all things stay the same, I should be through it by June or so.  On the one hand, that's crazy.  No one should be paid to have that much time on their hands.  On the other, it's likely I never will be paid again to have this much time on my hands, so let's enjoy it while we can, shall we?

I did get through Alice in Wonderland in January.  I'm trying to get myself worked up for Twain.  Oddly, I don't think having it on my Kindle is helping matters.

Not much knitting going on at the moment.  Although, I did buy some delicious mohair, and I'm excited about the stole I plan on knitting.

Also, I just delivered N's cowl that I knit her for Christmas.  She loved it, so I'm chaulking that up to a huge success!

The office is moving to Eagan in either 3rd or 4th quarter.  That means I need to either find a job with them or without them.  If I don't get hired as a temp, I don't want to commute to Eagan.  But if I did get hired, I would consider it.  Especially if we moved to, for example, the Nokomis area.  But if I don't get hired where I'm at, I need to find someplace else to take me.  Because I'm scared to find out what's out there.

I find this whole situation scary as hell.  I feel like I have no 'yes-no' situations; I have a shit-ton of 'if-then' scenarios.  That leaves me with a whole lot of questions and not very many answers.  I like answers.  I like them a lot.


Although Puxatawny Phil is the original, in the Midwest we follow Jimmy the Groundhog.

Now, with the winter we’ve had, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Jimmy said we’d have an  early spring .  Although, in MN, 6 more weeks of winter IS an early spring.  But really, this winter has been a pre-spring all season long.  And although it doesn’t bode well for global warming, I’ll revel in it after last year.

But the odd thing is, they mention a groundhog blizzard last year in western Wisconsin that I don’t remember at all.  I don’t even remember delivering papers on my birthday, although I must have.  I must have been so sleep deprived that I lost all memory.