Curse of the Spellman's

Is exactly what I needed. Looking forward to what happens with Stone and Izzy, and how Rae grows up.

Next up: Loving Frank.

No knitting updates. I’ve been busy reading!


Today I managed to wear a shirt with the tag still attached, my underwear inside out and my pants on backwards. Jealous?

books update

Reread Good Omens to great success. I knew all the parts, I just couldn’t figure out how they went together. Much better without missing the crucial 15%. Amazing.

Attempted Empress, but I’m having trouble getting into it. Couldn't make it even 10 pages.  And reviews on Amazon were mixed.   So i'm thinking about skipping it.  I may give up and reprise the Spellman’s instead.

Stay tuned.

On other notes:

The weather today: hot and sticky.  The weather tomorrow: hotter and stickier.  Why do we wish so longingly for summer when the reality is, it's a beast?

Also, I found out that I basically got screwed out of a weeks pay.  I'm bummed.  I was looking forward to getting paid for summer holidays.  Getting paid for days I don't work is my favorite.  But, it appears I'll have to wait until October.  Or get a real job.  My choice.


bookish thoughts

I am first in line for exactly half of my library waiting list . They’re all suspended books, waiting for me to have time to plow through them. The other half of the list is a handful of books that I’m still deeper into the line on. I’ve suspended all those preemptively. Everything else is CDs. I feel like this is somehow representative of me, but I can’t quite see it.


is not a fan of being stag at a party where I don't know anyone but the guests of honor. Harumph.


90 percent chance of overnight rain. Winds 20-30 mph. Low 61f. Reason 9564 why I'm still glad I don't have the paper route anymore.

On another note, I just tried to fall asleep with my glasses on. Almost worked too.

book number 28

5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth
It's pure silliness.


knitting update

Everyday wrap: Done.  Finally.  2nd official product.

Grey spiral scarf to be gift/use up yarn left from wrap: CO

Tunisian chain mail scarf: Yarn bought, need hook.

Cute yarn bought for pennies at Michael's last weekend: found pattern, need needles.

Apartment: suffering from neglect.  I wonder why?

books grand totoal so far: 27

That's more than a book a week.  Amazing.

Next up:  Good Omens again.  Which I read via audio book, but when all was said and done, I was like, huh?  I think that because I stopped doing my paper route, I wasn't listening enough and I lost track.  So I'm trying the print version.  I want to really like this book because R&N are mad for it.  Plus it's Neil Gaiman.  Not counting towards books read total for the year.

On Deck: Empress, Curse of the Spellmans and Talking to Girls about Duran Duran. 

Empress is by the same author as The Girl Who Played Go.  So it'll probably be as amazing and also as heartbreaking.  Sigh.

Curse of the Spellmans is part of a whole slew of books about the kooky PI family.  Should be good for a laugh and go quickly.

Talking to Girls About Duran Duran is part of Real Simple's No Obligation Book Club.  I'm a week behind, so I've got to catch up.  But it looks to be a fun, quick read, so it shouldn't be a problem.

So, I've essentially got 4 books to read in the next 5 weeks.  And I've got three knitting projects I'm hot to start.  This should be interesting.

check out

 My latest quest to figure out why I keep killing my herb garden.

My constant search for new personal finance blogs.

Something yummy I hope to make next time we have someone over for dinner.


updates and streams of consciousness

The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake:  Incredible.  So moving, touching, and magical.

CakeWalk:  Amazing.  Touching.  Poignant.  The chapter without a recipe at the end just about made my bawl at my day job.  The fact that food had always been a comfort to her, and couldn't even help her at that point in her life struck me to the core.  So, so good.  So so glad I read it.  It was completely the opposite of what I had imagined it would be. ( I obviously didn't do my research on that one) (But that's OK).

Biked 14 miles yesterday.

I'm beginning to lose my steam on FB.  I feel like I get more updates from companies and public figures than my actual friends.  I hesitate to comment on anything or post anything because I either feel like I'm either one-upping someone else, or I'm a loser because it's not as (adjective) as someone else's.

Plus, I still find myself annoyed at S&L.  I've been following DH's lead with D&T.  So that leaves some fairly big spaces in our lives right now.

And tomorrow is Sara's sister's graduation party.  I'm not even sure if I'll see them because it looks like they'll be headed to another party that's going on at the same time in roughly the same area.

Reason's why I'm annoyed at S:
  • We had plans that she totally forgot
  • I was included on her new plans, and made to feel like an afterthought
  • she repeated asked me if I was going to an event I'd told her repeatedly I wasn't attending
  • she made a big stink about how we should get together and then never followed through
  • it's now been almost a month, and I don't seem to be getting over this
Reason's why I'm annoyed at L:
Actually, it can probably be lumped together as one: I've noticed him ragging on S a lot in mixed company.  I feel like the kind, sweet patient L that we've known for the last several years disappeared and left this asshole douchebag in his place.  I know spouses can be annoying; after all, I've got one!  But if I were to complain about him to T or his sister or his mom, I'm smart enough to know I'd be digging my own grave.  Plus, I hate to say this, but L got his green card because of S.  Because she fell in love with him, married him, and helped him put together all the documentation he needed, wrote an amazing letter that won his case, and stayed here and worked like a dog so that he could quit his job and go to Mexico for a month while it got straightened out.  Now she's writing a book about their experience.  And he thanks her by talking shit about her to her friends, and being impatient and annoyed all the time?  What, because he got his green card and lost a bit of weight?

Honestly, it makes me want to lost more weight, just so I can shove it in his face and say, Fuck you.  You can be in shape and not be a dip shit to your wife at the same time.  I know.

This? right here? does not bode well for our summer fun.