An open letter

Dear Sprinkless-Donut Eater,

Whomever you are; a co-worker, an employee from another floor, a civilain coming in off the street,

This happens at least once a week: multi-colored jimmys all over the floor of the middle stall in the second floor bathroom.

Why do you leave a mess of sprinkles on the floor? I mean, I guess I understand always picking the same stall. You are clearly a creature of habit. But if you're going into the stall to remove the sprinkles, why not do it over the toilet? Or in the sink, or over the garbage? Or somewhere else entirely?

Actually no, I really only have two questions:

Why on earth are you taking food I presume you are eating into a bathroom?
Are you so afraid/ashamed of someone *seeing* you remove the sprinkles?

Ok, I have one more:

Have you considered getting the donut *without* sprinkles?

Maybe I have this all wrong, assuming you are eating the donut or whatever it is. But if you're not, than why remove the sprinkles? Which again then, see question above.

I'm not admonishing. I'm merely curious. Care to enlighten me?


Your friendly bathroom-neighbor



Today, I just paid off one of my credit cards in full.  My goal was to complete this by the end of the year, and I beat it by three months.  And the weirdest thing, I didn't even realize I had the money at first.  Here's hoping this is the beginning of even better things to come.

Glory be to God.