Good, but serious, problems to have

I swear this only happens in the movies.  A not insignificant amount of money has just landed in my lap.  An amount in the midst of medical bills, credit card debt, and past due taxes.  And yet, the amount I have received is just enough for me to take the trip I've dreamed of for decades.  The amount is not enough to pay off all my obligations, but it would make a dent.  But it would still be likely to take years to seize this opportunity again.  So what do you do?  Are you responsible?  Or do you open the door that's been presented to you?

I am 30 years old.  I have three decades under my belt, and yet, I feel like I'm just getting started.  My mother just turned 64, and her world is shrinking around her.  I may only get another 30 years.  I may not get even that.  What am I waiting for?  When else will I do this?

I don't know what to do.  They say opportunity knocks.  But which opportunity is knocking?


a quick note

Yesterday was an especially good day.  Visited some friends who'd just welcomed their baby daughter.  Brought a casserole, salad, dessert and paper plates, and officially won "friend of the year".  Title are nice, but the appreciation from them was so palpable, I never want to forget it.

It feels good to do things for the ones we love.