plan your summer

Let's see if I can pull this off.

A tad type A, but I like the idea of it overall.


I really hate being so socially awkward sometimes. Bleh.


books update:

Just finished Steve Dublanica’s Thanks for the Tip.

Next up: Still Life with Husband by Lauren Fox.


plans for the foreseeable future

Tuesday:              coffee with Nancy
Wednesday:         shopping with Mama
Thursday:             Dinner with S&L?
Friday:                 My night*
Saturday:             S’s birthday shin-dig with family
Sunday:               Easter
Monday:              nothing . . yet/plans with Megan?
Tuesday:              S’s actual birthday/dinner at Sushi Tango
Wednesday:         S’s birthday shin-dig with my parent’s
Thursday:            ‘Lost’ night with I&C
Friday:                 My night
Saturday:              S’s birthday shin-dig with friends
Sunday:                Brunch in Stillwater with S&L/possible birthday plans with D&T

I is a busy busy girl.  Very soon to be a broke girl.

*After three years of marriage, I've finally learned:  I need a night to myself.  My husband and I are both very social, but we get our energy from being alone.  This does not happen often or naturally in a 450-sq-ft apartment.  Although I am frequently out for the evening for various errands and social plans, S is rarely gone without me except for Friday night when he works.  As a result, I safeguard this night with my life.  I will interrupt it on occassion, but mostly only if you are visiting from out of state.  Trust me, it's for your protection as well as my own.  And I don't care if you think watching old episodes of Sex and the City and eating eggs on toast on a Friday night is spinsterly.  It's my night to do what I want. x-p



She walked like she was mad at you, dark red curls bouncing to her gait.  One arm resting on her tartan shoulder bag, the other arm, cream-colored and swinging like a pendulum behind her.  She had a walk that made men stare.


Life is a mystery to be experience, not a puzzle to be solved. –Jessie Mercer Pilgrimage: course of life on earth


Currently reading: spellman files and good omens, and invisible circus, but I'll explain later.
Walking 5 miles and biking 8 all in one day feels pretty cool.
Defenestrate=my new favorite word. And It's been used several times in the book i'm reading.




How do I best shepherd this insurance money?

I cannot believe how excited I am to cook the two whole chickens I bought on sale today.  One for stock and one to roast.  Yum!

I am so looking forward to getting my bike out of my parents garage and taking it for a spin tonight/this weekend.  My legs are yearning to stretch.

I remembered something the other day.  DH had told me of a Christmas gift he’d planned to give me.  I had told him that I had always wanted the American Girl doll named Samantha, and that they were retiring her and now I’d never get the chance.  He searched high and low and even took his punky Hot Topic self into the American Girl store at MOA to try and fufill this (very expensive) wish.  Thankfully, they were sold out.  See, I neglected to differentiate that it was the 2nd-grader-self that had wished for a Samantha doll.  I was a very blessed, and perhaps indulged, only child.  I already had two American Girl dolls, Felicity and Addy.  I never had nor will never need a Samantha doll.  But it was so sweet of DH to notice that, and remember it when it came to gifts.   And really, the fact that he remembered my off-hand ramblings and set out on this mission is a better gift than a 20-something trying to store a really expensive doll in her already too-small apartment.