party notes

I made:

three-packages of wings (had roughly 1-1.5 packages left at end of night) (DON"T BUY WINGS NOT ALREADY PREPPED / NEED CUTTING!  TOO MUCH WORK FOR DAY OF!)

-2/3 size coeur de creme (had at least half left.  I bought Major Grey's chutney by Stonewall, but I like TJ's better

-Mushroop app - I think I ate most of it, but roughly half was left

- Veggies and dip -  I had three kinds of veggies, and almost all of it was left behind.  Definitely cut back significantly

- Chef John's baked brie with cranberries and pecans (because I didn't have walnuts).  I thought it was tasty, and would do again.  Not sure anyone else cared/noticed

-Clementines; lots left, but no worries

-Ginger creams, by Christine's request, although I don't think anyone else ate them.

-Punch (2L Gingerale, half gallon of cider, and half a bottle of rose's lime, plus a cranberry ice ring)

-Feta stuffed olives (

Other peopel brought:

a pesto, pepper jelly, almond cheeseball (emily)
Cool Ranch Doritoes and Cookie Cart Cookies (christine)
Cookies (Natanya)
Brownie bites (shelley and joe)
Lindt truffles (amanda and rich)
Chips and salsa (S&L)

Some spreaders would be nice.